Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the mend

Emily is on the mend. The blood sample from yesterday showed improvement. Her x-ray looks better and she will be able to resume feeds tomorrow. They send a sample of breastmilk to be cultured to make sure the bacteria didn't come from the milk. If the culture comes back positive they may feed her formula. AARRGGHHH!!!!! I told the doctor that I have frozen milk from much earlier that I can bring and she said or maybe current milk would be better. I do NOT want her to have formula.

Emily was fussy when I visited her earlier today. I tried to soothe her by putting a firm hand on her chest and legs. This helped her calm down and go back to sleep. She only has 3 IV's now instead of 4. I think I'll be able to hold her again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Ones,
Have been meaning to update here on your blog, and finally did. SO SAD to hear what you and Miss Emily have been going through. I hope Jen is honored with holding the baby and sticking with the breast milk. WIll chat soon. Big hugs to all, and special kisses to Miss Claire and Emily Elfin.
Love from,
Santa's Helper (aka Linda) xoxoxoxo

Kathy said...

I am so glad things are a little better-I cried when I read your post about Emily's infection. We are praying for dear baby Emily (and for all of you) I hope it wont ever come to it, but I have a cyber friend who makes her own formula and could put you in touch with her.

Anonymous said...

So glad Littlest One is on the mend!!! And there is nothing like her own mum to soothe her. All the family in Oklahoma is cheering her on. Love and Prayers, Nanna

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Emily and your family.

Love you all,
Kelli and Chris Robertson
(Peggie's daughter)