Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Claire tried out her new umbrella and rain boots today with lots of puddle stomping. I started sorting through toys organizing the keepers and bagging up those to giveaway.I also emptied several bags full of things I took out of our car before the trip.


Nanna said...

Good Morning folks on Orchard Avenue! How wonderful to see Claire's smiling face on the screen this morning! The new umbrella and rain boots sound great; glad to hear you've had some rain. Sounds like you've been busy sorting stuff, Jen. Much love to you all, Nanna
P.S. Who drew and painted to cute fish?

JB said...

Claire, what color are your rain boots? Did they match your pink umbrella? I am glad you were able to use your new umbrella so soon.

We had a little snow again yesterday and the hills across from our house are very white with snow. Today it is sunny. Hooray!

Love, Nanu

Mark said...

Jen drew the fish and Claire colored with crayon then painted with watercolors.

Martin said...

Thanks, Mark! Nice drawing Jen and nice technique using crayons and paint, Claire. Love, Nanna