Monday, April 26, 2010

the morning

6:25 wake up to the sound of Emily fussing.
6:30 get up and nurse Emily
6:40 greet a groggy Claire as she stumbles out of her room
7:05 wake up Mark
7:10 make whole wheat oatmeal pancakes and eat them. Emily has just come to love pancakes and can't get enough of them quick enough and was also impatient to help make the batter.
8:00 Claire hops into the shower with her daddy
8:05 apply lotion to Claire and help her get her slightly damp body into her clothes.
8:10 costume change for Claire from green princess dress and leggings into a flowered swim suit.
8:30 Claire adds rain boots and a sweatshirt to her costume so we can go outside and see daddy off. We stay outside and play freeze tag, run races, throw the ball and pick a bouquet of lavender geraniums.
9:10 we come in and put the flowers in a vase and the girls look at books in Claire's room while I put the cats out and make myself a cup of coffee and blog.

(The photos are from the Saturday after Easter when we went to spend the day at Crystal Cove (between Newport and Laguna) I originally wanted to spend the weekend but I didn't book a cabin soon enough.)


Mark said...

Claire's feet had a nice thick protective coating of tar on the bottom from the blobs of tar washing up in the sand. Note to self: Wear pants you don't care about to beaches that have lots of tar. After spending about 30 minutes scrubbing the seat of those pants, I ended up tossing them in the trash. Oh well, they were a garage sale find from a few years ago.

Nanna said...

What a lovely day at the beach. Even a little tent. Love the pics. Also loved the details of daily activities. It was such a comfort to have Mark here for a couple of days!! He showed us more pictures of the girls and told many sweet stories about them. Thank you Jen, Claire and Emily for sending your daddy and husband to be with us at Grammy's funeral. Love, Nanna

JB said...

I was exhausted just reading about your first hours of the day! The beach outing looked like a lot of fun. Emily was really getting into it!