Sunday, May 02, 2010

About Emily

About Emily...
1. she can put her sister's shoes and some of her own shoes on her feet all by herself
2. she can unzip and take off her pyjamas
3. she is obsessed with shoes and tried on all the kids shoes during Claire's "My Gym" class
4. her favorite item of clothing is her overalls.
5. she likes to paint with a paint brush but not with her fingers.
6. she uses some 3 and 4 word sentences.
7. she enjoyed bonding time with Daddy on Saturday while Jen met with some mom friends
8. she has renewed interest in feeding other members of the family
9. she has been letting Claire wash her hair when they take a bath together
10. she likes to dance and even makes her dollies dance


Nanna said...

Dearest Emily, We love hearing all about what you do and enjoy. As I recall, Claire used to be very fascinated with shoes too. At the park, she tried on other kids shoes and at our house she put on Poppa's clogs and Nanna's wellies. I can imagine you trying on shoes at My Gym and it makes me smile. Thank you Jen for all the sweet details on our youngest granddaughter. Love & Hugs & prayers, Nanna

JB said...

I can't believe how much Emily has changed since we saw her last.It sounds like toddlerhood becomes her. I can hardly wait to see the girls again!!