Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bachelor weekend extraordinaire

I just finished this 2-day training program offered by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. Fun doesn't begin to describe it... [click on the title or picture to read my longer write-up.] Learning marksmanship was only part of it. I also learned some personal perspectives on Revolutionary War history, and I learned about myself.

Ever since I read this Appleseeds of Life & Precision article, I'd been burning to go. It was everything I hoped for, and I'm pretty enthused about re-upping. I think this would be a great part of home-schooling curriculum, and also a great way to earn a merit badge for a Boy Scout or Girl Scout.

I think my wife could sense my intensity as I prepared for the weekend, so she took off with the girls for a weekend with the grand parents.


Unknown said...


Your achievement far exceeds my article, so, I'm quite humbled that the latter played a role in the former.

Amazing to see your exponential progress over the two-day shoot. That's got a lot to do with your prep and talent though you've proven one can actually become an expert marksman within the two-day Appleseed format and have a great time doing it.

Great follow-up article and managing to document the training while taking (Mastering) it.
Your checklists and pictures will light the path for the next budding Rifleman.

Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on becoming a Rifleman!


Nanna said...

Hi Mark, We enjoyed reading about your weekend. It sounds like a neat program. Read your long article as well. Thanks for the Mother's Day call!! Love, Hugs, & Prayers, Mom

Linda said...

WOW Mark! This is a trip!! I had a 2nd grade student in VT whose father was active in the reenactments of the Revolutionary War and he came in as a visiting soldier and shared "hard tack" as a snack to eat. He was a great guy. Glad you had some time with the guys! Did women attend? Is Jen excited to go??