Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year toddler quotes

Emily quotes:

"I'm learning how to do preschooler." As she and Claire try to jump rope and make up games to do with the jump ropes.

"Little Mama is brushing your hair to get the tangles out." (11 words for those counting --her previous high was 9 word sentences.) I let her brush my hair after my shower this morning. She must've spent at least ten minutes brushing.

In church, we are all lined up kneeling reverently at the communion rail, which gives us a good view of the altar decorations --this time of year including poinsettia flowers and conical fir trees. Emily shouts out, "Christmast Trees!" then launches into an off-key toddler rendition of "Oh Tannenbaum" before we can shush her, barely restraining our own giggles.


JB said...

Keep those quotes coming. They are so precious.

Nanna said...

Thanks for sending a smile our way! We really enjoy all the new pics too. Love and hugs, Nanna