Tuesday, January 11, 2011

morning activities

Morning activities were as follows:
Write a letter to Nona Beth, Claire wrote her name fairly legibly for the first time. I only helped with the "e".
do a science experiment involving straws and blowing small objects.
using magnets to make a dangling chain of washers.
bouncing and catching/chasing a small ball
coloring the doll house with colored chalk
snacking on dry cheerios

The other day Claire sewed the eye and flippers onto this fish and started sewing it onto a pink felt bag. I helped her finish it. Click to enlarge and see Claire's writing.


Nanna said...

Dear Ones! We are so excited to see Claire's stitchery! Well done, Claire! And you are making good progress in writing your name too. Love, Nanna P.S. Even more new pics on Flker! What a treat! I'll do a post on my blog of the "fort" project at Uncle Howards.

JB said...

Claire, I like your fish. I am glad you are learning to sew. It is such a fun thing to do!! Keep up the good work on writing your name.

Mark said...

Cute bird. Oh, it is a fish?