Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Claire's poems

A couple weeks ago I asked Claire if she wanted to make up a poem for Papa's birthday.
She told me the title should be "Home Sweet Home" and dictated the following.

Home Sweet Home
My Mommy, my Daddy, My Sister
My rocking chair
Three bedrooms, three beds
So sweet because it has
lots of books
and a printerbox slide.

Her second one is about our cat.

He's a tiger tabby cat
he likes to catch mice
and eat catfood
he loves to chase his jingly ball
he loves Frankie
he and Frankie sleep together and
lick each other's heads
lick, lick, lick

She likes to play games
she's small and cute
and loves her Mommy
She loves to be with her Dad too
We like to walk on pillows and pretend
we're stuck on an island
We hop on the pillows, on the floor,
on the trampoline
We like to read books and play on my bed
We have tea parties and paint.
We like to hug our Mommy and Daddy

I'm growing and I like to eat and read my books
I like to stretch my arms and my legs
I can stretch my feet
and I can push up backwards
I can jump high and jump low
I can count alll the way up to 60
I love my Mommy and Daddy to take me to Alette's ballet class


Nanna said...

I like to read poems. I like to write poems. And I really liked reading your poems, Claire! Poems tell stories. Poems are like drawing pictures, except you use words instead of crayons or paints. Poems tell how you feel. Your poems tell happy loving stories and they made me smile. Thank you, Claire! I love you, Nanna

JB said...

What wonderful poems, Claire. I am eager to read more of them whenever you feel like creating again.