Monday, March 21, 2011

daily grind

There are some new photos on Flickr as of Friday Mar 18.
Claire is jumping on the trampoline saying the alphabet in Spanish. Emily is carrying her babies around.
Other things we did
wrap up in blankets and roll around on the trampoline
Claire gave Emily her first haircut.
math with unifix cubes:
patterns and counting and one-to-one correspondence and building towers with 10-1 cubes
crafts: collage with lots of glue and paper strips and magazine photos.
deal with major ant infestation a la Jim Hudson...go after them with the vacuum.
talk to Beth about mi foot injury...a 7 oz can of salsa fell on top of my foot yesterday, ouch!
tea party at the kid's table


Nanna said...

Wow! What a busy and mostly fun bunch you are--except for the foot injury, Jen! The photos are are so neat, especially the tea parties--at the table and el fresco. Thank you for making my day after a long day of jury duty. Love, hugs, & prayers, Nanna

Mark said...

I'm not too sure of my physics, but according to my calculations, assuming the 7 oz. can fell from a height of 1.54 meters (5.05 feet), then the velocity just before impact is about 5 m/s. The kinetic energy just before impact is equal to 3 Joules. To calculate Force of impact, we need to know the distance traveled after impact. Lets assume 3 mm, which leads to 1000 Newtons. Um, here's where my analysis breaks down because I'm not sure how much surface area absorbed this impact. Assuming 3 square cm, then that is equivalent to about 150 PSI. Which I think works out to a somewhat over 200 pounds applied to a 1/2-inch square area of the top of your foot.

JB said...

Oh my, a hair cut. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I remember when your brother was about Claire's age and cut his bangs. He looked pretty comical for a while.

Mark's calculations are scary. I hope you iced your foot, between running after the girls.