Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tips to myself: 1. Have children help cook they can harvest veggies from the garden, cut soft veggies with plastic knives, put things in the pot etc. 2. Spend some one on one time with each child having them help with a few cleaning tasks. 3. Learn good habits on e at a time and teach good habits focusing on one at a time. It is never too late to improve. 4. take time out to swing, play and read to children frequently throughout the day... especially when you thing you are doing something "important" 5. Spend some time doing things that require concentration ....organizing and sorting and tidying while children are sleeping... a little each evening. 6. Form an after breakfast routine... This is my worst time of day (Second only to the 3:30-7:30 block.) I am fuzzy headed and if I have a set list of things that I do everyday and that the kids so everyday things will go more smoothly...I guess I should make up a late afternoon routine/pre-bedtime routine too. We have our bedtime routine in place we need to know what is supposed to habitually happen before that. Some days we are away at class or playgroup till 6 or 6:30 so I haven't developed much of a routine for when we are here.

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JB said...

Having a routine and lists helps a lot with productivity and a sense of direction. Things go more smoothly when there is a plan, even if some days, it is not totally adhered to, which may often be the case.