Saturday, June 02, 2012

what you can do

It's amazing what you can do on a Saturday Morning when circumstances allow... 1. Made coffee and drank 2 cups 2. put dinner in the crock pot-- pork ribs with vegetables 3. filled and ran the dishwasher 4. washed the stove with Emily 5. Emily helped wash the sink 6. Scrubbed hard water deposits off sink 7. Scrubbed grease stains off toaster oven 8. Emily helped sweep and mop laundry room. 9. Stripped Emily's bed and washed her bed linens and some other dirty laundry 10. used the weed whacker and shrub trimmer in the front yard 11. did easel painting (tempera cakes) with Emily 12. played doctor and pretend face painting with Emily 13. read 30 mins to both girls from Golden Name Day 14. colored my hair 15. took a shower 16. read a few pages of P.G. Wodehouse 17. made noodle salad for lunch thanks to Mark who took Claire to run errands and then took both girls across the street to play with neighbor kids and made Indian princes crowns and arm bands and planted sunflowers.


Nanna said...

WOW! I'm glad you had such a fulfilling & productive day! Sometimes everything comes together just right. Sounds like you had some good helpers, too. I try to remember those kinds of days when I have a frustratingly slow day. Thanks for sharing. (What kind of coffee was that?)

JB said...

I am exhausted just reading about your day! I would call that a very successful day!