Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby monologue

Claire: Chelsea has baby Jack in her tummy. He's doing something in there.
Jen: Yes he's growing and moving in there until it's time to come out.
Claire: I don't have baby Jack in my Tummy. My doll is in my tummy. She's doing something in there. She came out!

This morning she walked up to Emily and said, "I love you Emily-lemily-lem-lem."


Nanna said...

It's so nice to hear about the sisters enjoying each other!! When my sis was born I was ten years old and I wrote in my diary that it was the happiest day of my life! Now that I live just a block away from my sis, it is a great joy to both of us that still amazes us after all of our years apart. It's nice Em and Claire are close in age and will grow up and have many shared memories. It sounds like a wonderful weekend with loved ones for Emily's Chrismation. Love, Nanna

Linda said...

That is VERY sweet about Claire. Chels and I talk about Claire and Emily a lot. We love them. I whisper into Chelsea's navel regularly and tell him about Hank :) Claire would like that I think.
Tell me about the word Chrismation...I'm guessing it's some formalized christening into the church (they were baptized at birth, yes??)?? Still not sure what our agenda is manana....if we're up and bouncing, we could bounce by for a hug. My back never fully recovered from pulling the muscle at the ranch last Tuesday and that has been a bit depressing (becoming a granmama and feeling like an old girl are two different things!!!!) xoxoL