Sunday, March 29, 2009


Claire Likes:
1. Daddy
2. Playing "daddy's games"
3. riding on daddy's skateboard
4 taking a bath every evening
5. listening to Bible stories
6. going to My Gym with daddy
7. going to the little park
8. playing with "the kids"
9. going to Pan Pacific Park
10. Music class

busy Saturday
1. Green clean came we left
2. I walked to Starbucks (2 miles) for my Saturday morning retreat
3. Mark took Claire to My Gym
4. I bought wire for rain stick project
5. Mark took Claire to the park
6. I tried to put Emily to sleep so I could have a luck
7.I cooked a meal for baby Simone's family
8. I made salad for church luncheon
9. we took a walk as a family and got Indian take out.
10. I went to bed exhausted

busy Sunday
1. woke up and 5:30 spent time in bed with both girls
2. got up at 6:30
3. washed dishes
4. got Claire ready for church
5. got dressed
6. put Emily down for an early nap.
7. took Claire for a walk to buy additional salad ingredients
8. did more salad prep
9. went to church
10. enjoyed ice skating at Staples center
11. washed dishes and did laundry


Azreada said...

What a busy, productive day. Sweet dreams.

Love, Nanu

Martin said...

A short list of things Nanna likes:
!. Reading the Hudson Family Blog
2. Looking at lots of pics of Emily & Claire
3. Reading Jen's lists
I'm so glad I've spent enough time in your home to envision places and people you mention. That family walk to the Indian take out is quite a hike. Was that ice skating at Staples Center? What a cute pic of the girls! Love and hugs, Nanna