Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emily's doings

So what does Emily do these days?
She loves to suck on her fingers, thumb, or hand. She also puts toys in their mouth. She likes her cloth books. She can grab her knees and feet when lying on her back. She sometimes gets mad when she drops a toy or if it is taken from her. She doesn't lay on one spot anymore when you put her on the floor. She pivots around so that if her feet were pointing south at first they will be pointing west later. She adores Claire and laughs for her more than anyone else. She's getting better at sitting up with support. She rolls from tummy to back sometimes and from back to side frequently. She talks to herself in the mirror and reaches for the baby in the mirror and smiles.

She is getting over diaper rash...I think. I switched tactics (From zinc oxide ointment)and am using olive oil with a few drops of essential oils added (tea tree, calendula and sandalwood. I've been doing this for two or three days and it is almost gone. (I also make sure she has time to air out and use water and cloth instead of commercial wipes.)

Emily sometimes sleeps from 6:30 pm to 11:00pm in the Amby bed. She mostly has 30-50 minute naps. She is sensitive to noises, so even though she sleeps well in the Ergo when we take walks she is sometimes awakened by loud noises...Claire fussing, sirens etc. She slept for about 3 hours of our zoo trip. She woke up to nurse during that time.

I don't always know what to write about Emily. I am enamored of her. I like to sit and look at her. She likes to look at me too. She has such a sweet disposition.She is happy most of the time. She has sweet soft skin...but with a few dry patches. She has started to scratch her forehead while nursing.


Linda said...

She is DARLING. And so are YOU. AND I LOVE the photo. xoxL

Nanna said...

Well, we are all enamored of Em too! We lovingly gaze at all the pics you post. What a precious life! When Ag & Ian were here we showed them lots of blogs pics and Flikers and our pics. Ag said, "You really glow when you look at your grandchildren just like we do." They have 4 grands; their son has a 5 yr. old boy and a 2 yr. old daughter, and their daughter's 2 are very close to those ages. Much love, Nanna