Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What a day!

We were standing on the corner of Hoover and Venice on our way to Ollin Cafe when Claire suddenly realizes the park we usually go to is nearby. (We don't walk this way when we go to the park so I didn't know she knew.)

Claire: I want to go to the park instead, I don't want to go to the coffee shop.

Unfortunately this walk ended up being our undoing. Emily fell asleep on the way home but didn't stay asleep when I tried to put her down. Then Claire was a little late getting her lunch and by the time I wanted to put her to sleep for her nap, Emily was fussing and fussing. I decided to try to get Emily to sleep first. About this time and throughout the afternoon and evening Claire broke every rule in the book at least once. I don't know how many time outs she had. UGH!
I couldn't get either of them to sleep as much as I tried. I decided to pack everyone up for a long walk. First Emily slept in the "pack" then Claire slept in the stroller. Whew. Peace and quiet.


Anonymous said...

Papa says, "No wonder Emily is not smiling, what a day"!!

Ma Torg said...

Oh, my. Welcome to the world of multiple children. I would say that at least 5 out of 7 days of the week are like that in some shape or form.

Nanna said...

"These are the times that try ones soul," or something like that. Now you can add your own immortal quote, "When all else fails, pack everyone up and go for a walk!" Mucho love, Nanna

Linda said...

Just think! They could've been triplets!!! :) xoxoL