Friday, March 27, 2009

good naps for both

Emily had two 90 minute naps again today. and Claire also had a 90-min nap that overlapped Emily's second nap. Last night was rough though. Emily wakened fewer times but stayed awake much longer than usual. (Maybe teething, but she wasn't fussy at all.) I think the night time will improve too soon. I took a bunch of photos of the girls outside today. It was fun! (See flickr for a small sampling.)

Emily is working on learning to sit up. She still needs support but she is getting the hang of it. She is also reaching out to grab things more and more. She seems to be enjoying tummy time for longer periods lately too.

Claire counted to 14 the other day as we were walking up the street. (After that came 16, 20!) Something she likes doing and saying is "One hand open, one hand closed. Two hands open. Clap." Still to most "How Many" questions her answer will be "2".

I have been trying some of Kelly's meal rules and it's working. I put a variety of things on her plate or in front of her in little dishes and she can eat whatever she wants that's set out. It she opts not to eat protein or veggie this meal they get offered again with no starchy option next meal. (We are currently out of crackers and breakfast cereal which are two of her favorites, so it is easy to refuse her.) I have been trying to a better variety of foods to her. She is usually interested in trying new things but may only take one small bite and not want any more. I am just glad she is interested. She is looking forward to trying some of the things that she has been allergic to after she turns three. We plan to start testing various foods. I'm a bit worried about this, but also eager to add foods to her diet.


Martin said...

Wow! What little beauties. Hello and hugs and kisses to Claire and Emily from Nanna and Poppa! And what a nice warm day it is for playing outside. If you were in Oklahoma today, you would be waking up to an early spring snow. It is beautiful. We will take pics. Thanks to God for the good naps!! Aunt Peg said Craig(senior at O.U. now) took good naps til he was 5. Kelli, on the other hand, was never a good naper. Kelli and Chri's Molly is 4 mo. old now and a little cutie. Mark and Jill were neither great nappers, but of the two, Jill was easier. Time for tea! Nanna

Azreada said...

Jen, I admire your pluck in trying different solutions to your parenting concerns. Keep up the positive flow. Glad the nap times are improving. Dad won first place for 3D entry in the Ex Libris show with his open book sculpture. He was tickled!!
Love, Nanu