Saturday, March 21, 2009

video post

This is the same video as at but lower bandwidth, so should play smoothly on older machines. The original video was taken with the Flip video camera we received for Christmas from Vaughn. Some older friends and relatives are surprised we don't own a video camera to take videos of our kids. But I never liked long-form home video anyway, and today's solid-state devices are so convenient.

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Linda said...

Okay, Thank God you chose to post this one because I nearly had a heart attack watching Claire give BIG pushes in the swing!!!!!! :) It's been a blustery day here in the canyon so we took Willow to Big Lots and Target and did a little shopping. She sits on her blankie right in the child's seat of the cart and is better behaved than most of the children!! Can't wait for you and Claire to meet her. SHe is a dream. xoxo L