Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleep again

Yes. I go back to this topic again. Claire is now sleeping through the night with consistency. Emily has been waking frequently and has been difficult to get to sleep both for naps and bed. Thankfully Claire has been content to sit in my closet with the light on and door open and read books or play with the felt animals and book that the Reynolds family gave her. However sometimes she demands my attention and wakens her sister...very frustrating.

Emily adores her sister. She can be sitting in her swing in the kitchen ans see Claire walk into the room and suddenly she is all smiles or even starts to giggle. I had no idea they would hit it off so soon.

I am looking forward to the weekend. My parents and grandma and Mark's dad are coming into town for Emily's Chrismation.

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Linda said...

SOOO happy you and the girls made it to the shower!!! It was quite the gala affair with the perfect amount of people for ME! (and actually for Chelsea, also. SHe was afraid that I would invite a bunch of friends she doesn't know!!) Claire was a hit with everyone. We all adore her. I have great photos and when I am semi-sane, will burn you another CD. Love to all, L xoxoxo
PS ANd DO remember, once EMily is walking and RUNNING, she and CLaire might not ALWAYS be happy to be in each other's presence!!! ENJOY this age. It's a treat.