Friday, March 13, 2009


Yikes! I was awake for three hours during the night with Claire who woke up cold and couldn't go back to sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time. After all that she wouldn't take a nap today. (in spite of me attempting to get her to sleep 3 times.) Our respite person was scheduled today and never showed up. No naps for me.
I am way too obsessed about sleep right now. I with I had never read the No Cry Sleep solution because we don't fit the averages and Emily falls into the "naps less than one hour" category most of the time. According to the author these naps don't count. Whatever!

Claire now asks for specific types of stories. "Tell me a story about a mosquito. Tell me a story about daddy. Tell me a story about a kitten."

I've been putting Emily to sleep in the Amby bed the past several nights but she wakes up after about 45 mins or an hour. I wonder if this is because of the time change and she thinks it is just another nap. She re settled without nursing but she didn't seem to want to stay in the Amby bed.

I only took Emily in the car once this week and she napped before we left so she only started crying right before we reached our destination, Claire's music class. She cried a bit just before we reached home too.


Nanna said...

What's a mom to do? If only we were all alike, life would be so much easier. There are many human traits that are alike, but when it comes to personality, emotions, whatever, we are individuals. Somehow we can be the same but different, so the advice books can help, yet not give all the help we want. You're not alone in this struggle. I wish I could help. But help will come. You are all loved!! Love, Nanna

Katie Jones said...

Jen, if I am awake tonight with Luke FOREVER like last night, I will be praying for you and your night struggle. I have been trying to figure out how not to be so frustrated, so I think that thinking of you will be the best way. I am so sorry you are having such big sleep problems. Oh, and naps under an hour DO count. Dr. Sears says that some babies thrive on five small naps a day.

Linda said...

Moms can thrive on 20 minute naps, also; it's just close to impossible to make yourself do it when there are 600 other things to do.....I am thinking of you Dear One.