Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Claire had a good ole time coloring her new "shapes book" with my watercolor crayons. She stuck with the activity for a really long time. ( printed out the book last night after I stumbled across it online.
We made the rain stick the other day. I was surprised that we finished it in one day.

I found something that inspires Emily to stay on her tummy for a good long tummy time... Colorful paper. She will crunch it with her hands and mouth it till I take it away and throw it out. I take it away before it disintegrates.

I took Claire to free play at My Gym today. It went pretty well. I made sure Emily had a nap right before we left and she was pretty happy in the car.

Starting on Sat, or maybe it was Fri... Emily's new extended napping pattern went out the window.


Nanna said...

The shape book sounds neat. I've never heard of water color crayons. The girls look and sound so happy and healthy. Free play at MY Gym sounds fun. Nanna has an art project going on: I'm painting our kitchen. We walked around Will Rogers Gardens today. So many things are blooming now. Love to all, Nanna

Linda said...

YYYYAAAAAAAAYYYY for shapes, and bellies and My Gym and rainstick!!!! (Boo on out the window nap time....) I heard your voice mail and will promise to call manana. I am muy cansada.......chat soon for all updates. Hope all is well and happy and rested!! xoxox L