Thursday, March 05, 2009


So the new bedtime drill for Claire is to tell her stories about our lives until she conks out. It's currently the one sure fire way to keep her laying quietly in her bed with out crying "pat me, pat me!" It has been fun to try to think up stories to tell that she'll be interested in and to think up enough details to drag it out a bit so she gets sleepy. She loves one about me camping and getting itchy mosquito bites and one about her dad diving into the river as a 5 year old.

The last two days were also challenging (5 of 7 is about right, Ma Torg.)
We got out the Amby bed to help with Emily's nap times. She napped in it fro her morning nap and it was easier to get her to sleep than usual. She napped about 50 mins. This is getting to be the norm for morning naps which used to be 30 mins. Thanks be to God. My plan for today was to get to the park and back by 12:00 so Claire could have a nap before music class. We didn't get back from the park till 12:45 with Emily asleep in the Ergo pack. The revised plan was wait till Emily woke up. Then get in the car and go hoping that Claire would get a nap on the way. It must've been at least 1:20 when we pulled away and traffic was thick and Emily got hungry and was screaming so I pulled over and nursed her. Claire fell asleep at 1:50 and class started at 2:00. I woke Claire up for class hoping she'd sleep on the way home. She was very well behaved in class and enjoyed herself immensely in spite of being tired. When we got back she asked to go play with Tony. (our neighbor) I said I wanted to clean up the kitchen first and get Emily to sleep in the sling. At this point she started to have a melt down but I assured her that we would indeed go see Tony. When we went out again about 40 mins later and I tried to explain 3 times before we left that we would walk to get Emily sleeping before going to Tony's she didn't respond so when I insisted on going the opposite direction from Tony's she threw a huge fit. After our walk we knocked on their door and Tony was asleep but his older sisters came out to play. Claire ate a good dinner and went to bed early so all's well that ends well.

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Nanna said...

What a great thing that Claire is now interested in family stories. That was always my favorite things with Grandma Hennings, even as an adult. Thank God for friends like Ma Torg that give perspective. Have I met Tony? Love the pic of the two girl! Hugs, Nanna