Friday, June 16, 2006

Claire drinks first bottle


Claire had her first bottle of Mother's milk today. Who knew this would be such a big milestone? The nurse described her intestines so optimistically. This will be the first (and last) time I will be happy about a big sticky-poopy diaper. Reason to be happy is that her bowels have unplugged and she is digesting the milk well and so those related things should be smooth from here on out, pardon the expression. She continues to grow and seems to be doing better than ever.

We also had a great talk with one of the doctors today who answered all our questions. The pathology report about the placenta is full of words that I don't understand, like "thrombotic vasculopathy" which is bad , and "the amniotic epithelium shows no squamous metaplasia" which I think is good.

Several people have thanked us for updating the blog as it is more colorful than email. It is also easier for us to post once rather than trying to manage dozens of email addresses.

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