Friday, June 23, 2006

routine upset

Funny how I just posted about yesterday's visit being so routine and normal.
Today, we were informed that Neurology wanted to do another MRI. We worried what prompted this, since last we heard there were none scheduled. Eventually we met with the Pediatric Neurology team (as opposed to the Neonatologists which we had been working with so far) and they explained that they wanted another sort of MRI called an MRV to take a snapshot of the circulatory system to use as a baseline to help track Claire's future progress.

So Claire has been off the feeds since 9AM. They need her system to be both empty and quiet during the procedure. Thankfully, it only took a few hours. Poor girl was cold coming back up from the lab. I guess the room is cold and the machinery is loud; the whole thing is really more set up for hardy adults. The nice nurse showed me the tiny earplugs they fitted for Claire, since she knows I am fascinated with all the gadgetry.

Jen was not happy being unable to hold her baby for so long today. We met our other nurse friend in the halls, and she helped comfort us. She just happened to be subbing today down in the adult ICU.

We left the hospital late and tired, but on two good notes: 1. Jen got to hold the baby for a good long time, including suckling, and 2. we've been told that she will transfer to Santa Monica "for sure" tonight. Just in time for my return to work next week which is good since that location is within walking distance of my job.

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