Monday, June 12, 2006


Mark and I are really struggling to come to terms with having Claire in the hospital and all that that entails. It's been quite a rollercoaster ride with improvements in some areas and setbacks in others. I'm finding UCLA Medical Center in Westwood to be frustrating and overwhelming. She was scheduled to be moved back to Santa Monica last Wed, but they still don't have room.

Claire is doing ok. She is gaining weight and has gained back what she lost during the first few days and has surpassed her birth weight. She seems content and we have enjoyed holding her. They had begun giving her some breastmilk but then her intestines got inflamed so she is off the feeds for a couple days to allow them to return to normal. Our major concern is that she still has blood trapped in her head from a hemorrhage. As of an ultrasound from a few days ago that condition was unchanged. We are waiting/hoping/praying for the blood to be re-absorbed.


Beth said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the update.
You are a great mommy! Claire is one blessed child. Not to mention the great love and care she gets from her dad as well.


Charity said...

Jen and Mark,

Thanks for your pictures and updates. We are all praying for you back here in Kansas! You're doing a great job of being there for little Claire. Those kangaroo times must melt your heart. What a sweetie. She is so blessed to have you!
Love, Jeff and Charity