Tuesday, December 19, 2006

better napping

Since I last blogged, Claire has been napping much better. She will sometimes fall asleep in her crib with no coaxing and has slept for an hour on several occasions, and on one occasion two hours. She has still had a few 30 minute naps but they haven't been the norm the past several days. This has meant naps for me tooand time to do a few chores.

New foods lately are carrots and avocado. She seems to like them ok but not as much as banana or cereal. I let her hold onto a tiny spoon and she tried to get it to her mouth a couple times and opened wide. Her aim wasn't very good, but it was an admirable attempt and shows that she wants to put the spoon in her mouth.

I laughed and laughed earlier today when I was giving her rice cereal. She recently learned to make the razz sound and to blow and was trying both these out while eating which resulted in her blowing tiny bits of cereal all over my face. Oh the adventures of feeding a babe!

Last night Claire was asleep when Mark got home so we got to have dinner together sitting at the table. It was a nice change. We have decided to work on adjusting our schedule so that Mark leaves for work and comes home earlier.

I think the herbs and additional sleep are starting to make a difference in milk production. I've only had to give formula once a day the past two days (instead of twice).

I've come to the conclusion that Claire's recent outbursts in the afternoon and evening have been hunger related. The timing has been a bit confusing because it also coincides with usual going down for a nap time, but then aften much soothing and pulling out all the going to sleep tricks she still can't get to sleep I try the bottle and she chugs it all down and wants more! Incidentally she was swaddles for the two hour nap the other day. I think that helped her to sleep longer. She was wrapped in the Miracle blanket which will still sometimes keep her contained. She is quite the escape artist when it comes to gwtting out of being swaddles in regular blankets or the kidopotamus or other swaddling wrap we have.

I got a couple more sleep sacs at the thrift store on Sunday afternoon. By the way. There is a new thrift store within walking distance (near the Rite Aid). They have lots of baby stuff and good prices.

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Anonymous said...

So So glad to hear the good report on Naps, Feeds, and Herbs. Nanna thinks of you all often and says a prayer frequently even in the midst of the busiest time of the year of the tearoom. A nice e-mail from Namu. We love all the news. Love and hugs and prayers. Mom