Thursday, December 07, 2006


I got a true belly laugh from Claire this afternoon for the first time. I was holding her on my lap and smiling at her and repeating "Oh Yeah!" she thought this was hilarious. I got another laugh later in the day too. Quite fun. By the way She has really been exercizing her lungs with the squeals lately. Sometimes they are squeals of delight and other times she just seems to want to make noise.

She has graduated from random scratching to intentional itching. Her nails are still super sharp unless I keep them trimmed so that none is visible beyond where it connects to the finger.

Claire has found her ears as evidenced in part by scratching them. She gave herself abig gash inside one ear testerday before her manicure. She has a rash behind her ears and on her neck.I tried various creams and ointments on them today...hopefully we'll see improvement tomorrow. Speaking of improvement. I've been using the free sample of Baby Aveeno creme and it is working wonders. Her skin hasn't felt this smooth in weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Message to Claire from Nanna Pennie: I love to hear about your belly laughs!
To Mark & Jen, I love to hear your frequent reports on the delights of raising Claire. Even with late night feedings and dry skin issues, I really feel the deep joy you enjoy in the gift of Claire. Love, Mom