Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cardiologist Today

We went to the Cardiologist today. We got him to print out a couple ultra sound Photos and to give us an EKG print out too. (One for you, Nina.)
He still says surgury to correct the valve and hole between the upper chambers will probably be necessary around age 2 or 3. He said the lower right chamber is larger than normal because it is handling nearly twice as much blood as it would in a normal heart. He also said her lungs have to work extra hard to compensate. Claire is six and a half months adjusted age, 12 and a half pounds, 24.25 inches. The Doctor says she's on track with weight gain and maybe a little ahead of the game with interactiveness/social development. She tried to help him with the stethescope and the ultrasound wand...very cute. I really like Dr. Burke, he seems to really love what he does and has a great rapport with Claire and us.

Prayer requests:
1. We are praying for God to close up the gap in her heart and fix her valve so she doesn't have to undergo surgery.
2. Claire has been extremely itchy the past couple days and mad about it. Her arms and ankles bother her the most and sometimes her ears and scalp. Her skin seems like it is doing a little better than a few days ago when it seemed to flare up. It especially bothers her when changing clothes or diapers and when she is in her carseat.
3. Claire has a stuffy nose and may be coming down with a cold. She's never had one before.
4. Wisdom for me managing pumping and knowing how long to continue. I believe Claire has been so healthy due in part to the breastmilk.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you after the short but wonderful visit. We treasure every minute with you all and are so glad great-grandma had time with you all and also Jill's family. I've jotted down your prayer requests and will join in all the intercessions for your little family. Be assured, all of our prayers are heard! Like Nanu, I wish we were closer for more support. Love & Hugs, Nanna Pennie

Beth said...

Hi Jen,

I was thinking about Claire (and you and Mark) a lot while running on the tread mill this morning. It is too cold to run outside, and as the treadmill is in front of the fireplace, a bit challenging to run inside as well :).

But, I was thinking about the ascetic adventures you family has had the past 8 or so months! I think Claire is going to be one tough little princess after all her early struggles :).

May God's will be done regarding her heart surgery. She is in my prayers.