Saturday, March 03, 2007

Claire can do...

Claire loves standing now and is able to stand up straight and tall. She loves all the accolades we give her while standing too :). She also enjoys tummy time and will stay on her tummy for 10 mins or so. She can get up onto her elbows or hands from being flat on her bellly and when she is propped up on her elbows she can easily turn onto her back. She sometimes forgets this and tries to roll with her arms down and is thwarted. Claire has been reaching out for everything in sight and will roll and/or stretch her arm out to grasp whatever interests her. She is still fascinated by books and will pat the pages as I read to her. (Oops she got a tiny paper cut on her nuckle yesterday when I was reading a non-board book to her.) Yesterday she ate a whole 4 oz jar of apples and plums in one sitting. This is her largest non milk meal ever.

Claire had her well-baby visit on Thurs. She is now at 13 lbs. The Doctor is pleased with her rate of growth and healthiness. (She's gained more than 10 lbs since birth.) He said she can get allergy tests once she's a year old to see if there are foods that cause skin flare ups.

Out humidifier bit the dust so Mark got another one on the way home from work. It is totally silent which is nice.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Claire, Your Nanna is so delighted to hear all the good reports! You are so dear to us and we love you and your mommy and daddy so much. Hopefully we can squeeze in a visit soon. Love, Nanna Pennie