Saturday, April 07, 2007

Please pray for Jen

Jen had been struggling all week with some painful cracking and inflammation that pumping milk for the baby only made worse. Unfortunately it turned into a full-fledged infection Friday night, and she got very little sleep due to the discomfort which includes swollen lymph nodes. All day Saturday I have been on full-time baby duty as well as playing nurse. Thankfully we were able to contact the doctor and get a prescription called into the pharmacy for antibiotics.

Claire has been on her best behavior. Still a handful. :) I'm so proud of Claire with her progress in being able to sit up, and she also likes to "stand" if you hold her steady. I tried to take a picture, but only succeeded in letting her bump her head on the crib railing. Guess I better wait until Mom is well enough to assist.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Pascha in the morning, and hopefully Jen will have recovered enough to join us.

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Beth said...

Feeling any better?
Any use of cabbage leaves?

You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I'm looking for an opportune time to call. Unfortuantely, the best time to call CA is in the morning here, and I am usually working or at church.

Much love, Elisabeth