Tuesday, April 17, 2007

health and travels

I had ups and downs all week with the mastitis and related issues but am finally back to normal. Thanks be to God.

We took a little road trip to Lompoc/Buelton/SantaBarbara and visited with Claire's grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousins. It was really nice to get away and to have some assistance in caring for Claire. We always enjoy spending time with family. Our trip didn't turn out exactly the way we'd planned it since I wasn't feeling well Friday and Saturday, thankfully everyone was flexible and graciously accomodated our needs. Claire is getting more and more interactive and has a good time studying faces and smiling at and batting at whoever is holding her.

Her skin has been severely itchy for weeks now and it has been affecting all of our sleep and stressing us all out... as of yesterday, Claire is taking oral meds again and it seems to already be helping with the itchiness.

I gotta run... I told myself I'd be in bed by 9pm.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Claire got to show off for the California relatives. I am sure she felt your love and care.