Tuesday, April 03, 2007

200 percent

It is taking abour 200% of my time and energy caring for Claire lately...hence the lack of blogging. She is still extremely itchy, not sleeping well and teething. Her first tooth broke through the gum Sunday night. I haven't slept any stints longer than two hours in about two weeks. I try to nap frequently but seem to have insomnia. Claire continues to take short 30-40 minute naps.

I purchased the ergo carrier online today. Our slings are of limited use now that Claire is a bit heavier (13lbs 11 oz as of today). This carrier is supposed to be great for kids up to 40 lbs.

I continue to pump milk but only 4 times in 24 hours which is much more manageable than my former schedule of 8 times a day.

Claire is doing a great job with rolling... front, back, and side. She loves playing on the exercise ball and will roll from front to back as I hold her on the ball.

We went to the cardiologist today and he says things look the same and that she doesn't need to come back till August.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Jen, It must be the itchiness that awakens Claire so often, but you've figured that out.
How can we help? The shop's closed this Sunday for our Easter, come up if you like. I'll try to help you get some much-needed deep sleep. Let us know! Meanwhile, we're praying!!! Love & Hugs, Mom