Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy Friday

Claire had various ups and downs since my last post. I took her to the pediatrician on Friday morning. It turns out it was an ear infection. Her stomach has settled down and last night she had mostly 3 hour stints of sleep...while she was sick it was 1-2 hour stints. Yesterday was her first day with no feverish episodes so the meds the Dr. prescribed have definitely started to work.

We also went to the nutritionist who gave us a lot of useful information.

We left 8pm on Friday to visit my folks. Stopped at 1:30 am in Blythe. Stayed at a very nice Holiday Inn Express. Got here the next day at 1:15 pm. Mark had to return for work on Monday. Claire and I sill stay to celebrate my Grandma's B-day on the 4th and will return to CA with my Brother and nephew.

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Anonymous said...

Glad Claire is feeling better! Can't wait to hear what the nutritionist suggested. Have a great visit with your folks: Hello to Stan & Judy and Happy Birthday to Grandma Meriam! Love Pen & Mart