Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thinking about grass growing

12 months adjusted 5
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We are so proud of you Claire. At one year adjusted you can walk holding someone's hands, pull to stand, transition from laying to sitting and sitting to laying, you are beginning to talk, you explore everything around you. You fight like crazy when doctors, nurses and other medical staff mess with you. You have a very expressive face and a magical smile. You are friendly and outgoing. Strangers ask us "is she always this friendly?" and we proudly say "yes". You have a lovely sweet disposition and enjoy playing with just about everything...especially paper and other things we don't like you to chew on. Today you showed me your tongue when I said "Stick out your tongue." You will also clap on demand...when you feel like it. You got into kneeling position at your leapfrog music table all by yourself. Last week you busted out of your bouncy seat and I found you standing at your crib rail. You love looking at books and turning the pages. You like nursery rhymes.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, these are all accomplishments and milestones in young Claire's life, and we've all been praying for her and cheering her on. Three cheers for Claire's mommy and daddy who are there for her day and night (and night & day!) guiding and teaching her and loving and helping each other. It's been quite the year. Thanks to God for all the love poured out and overflowing to and through this little family!! Nanna P.S. Just the thought of you makes me smile, dearest Claire!