Tuesday, July 01, 2008

littlest B says, "Mommy rest!"

We've taken to referring to Claire's sister-in-the-womb as "the littlest B," since Claire is "little B."

This morning at the doctor's office, the ultrasound results showed that the baby's growth has slowed down. She is two and a half weeks behind schedule. This is due to the placenta not delivering consistent nutrition and oxygen. They think that some of the veins or arteries in the placenta may be restricted, which makes it more difficult for the baby's heart to pump enough blood through. This is the same problem that caused Claire to be born early and underweight. But they want to monitor the situation even closer this time, so even if the delivery has to happen sooner than Claire's 31 weeks, it might be better.
Jen is now on bedrest at 24.5 weeks into the pregnancy. The Perinatologist hopes the baby will be able to stay in til 30 weeks.
More later.
Please pray.


Katie Jones said...

Jen, we will be praying for your littlest one and for you. I am glad that the doctors were able to catch it earlier this time and will be able to watch over you. Let me know if you have any meal requests or errands that we may be able to help you rest.

Ma Torg said...

Oh, Jen, I'm so sorry. That must be so hard. We'll definitely be praying for you.

Kathy said...

Mark and Jen-
We are praying for you, for littlest B and and for your family. We know how hard and frustrating bed rest is and are praying for His Peace and Protection on your family at this time.