Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good report

I went to the doctor again today and she said she is pleased with the amount of amniotic fluid and the pattern of the baby's heart rate. A good quantity of amniotic fluid shows that the placenta is producing fluid and the baby is urinating... both good signs. There are expected patterns for heart rate for various stages of fetal development and the baby is showing small fluctuations in heart rate within the expected range. The doctor said this shows the baby is still happy in the womb. I told the doctor that I'm feeling the kicks and movements of the baby getting stronger. I feel very happy about this. We are at 27 weeks now and they will measure the baby again next Tues.

Claire had a good day today, but a rough night last night. I think her tummy was bothering her or something. For two hours she couldn't seem to sleep more that 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch.

Yesterday Beth filled a shallow container in the back yard for a wading pool. Claire loves it!! It is very entertaining for me to lay in the hammock and watch and listen to her as she plays in the water. I think this is going to end up being a daily summer activity.

Claire requested a trip to the museum today, but it didn't work out with our schedule today.

Claire is enjoying having her Nanu here. She was very excited that Nanu was cooking pasta for dinner tonight. She ate it enthusiastically so we hope that "good eats leads to good sleeps."

Mark has had a hard time sleeping for several nights because his skin is bothering him so much and he's having a hard time regulating his temperature.

By the way, bed rest is going fine. I'm trying to find as much enjoyment from it as I can. I love to read and have steamed through several books and started several others. I am also enjoying looking through magazines and watching a few DVD's. I feel very blessed by the bounty of good food and other help we've received from friends at church and family. Claire continues to enjoy trips to the park and "My Gym", her physical therapy sessions and other outings. It was hard for me at first to miss out on taking her to all of these things and entrust her care to others but I'm getting used to it and Claire has been a trooper just going with the flow as far as I can tell. One thing I really miss a lot are our daily walks.


Unknown said...

It was lovely reading your good report! Glad to hear the little one is still happy in the womb. Pasta, wading pools, and trips to the park sound like fun. Happy to hear the bedrest is going well, too. We will all say extra prayers for Mark's skin and his rest. Much love to all! See you soon! Nanna

Katie Jones said...

Hooray, a good report and 27 weeks. Feeling kicks is such a good feeling too, baby lets you know that they are awake and ready for action. :)