Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just the three of us

It was nice to have a couple of days at home together.
Actually we had an outing yesterday since I had a doctor's appointment. The doctor said the flow through the umbilical cord looks a little better than it did on Tuesday, so the baby's blood pressure is improved.
Claire had a fun-filled day today. She got to play in the rice box first thing this morning. We all went to the park and I laid on a lounge chair while Claire and Mark played. Claire also had a good long nap then read books with me. Next she did finger painting outside with Mark. Then she came in and we played with playdough. Now she is eating dinner.


Kathy said...

So good to hear it is going OK and the umbilical cord looks better! Yay!! Sounds like a great day!

You play in rice too! Jill and Calan did that--I have always wanted to!

Anonymous said...

What a fun filled day! I am glad you were able to get outside and enjoy a beautiful outing.

Hugs, Nanu