Monday, December 15, 2008


Claire is getting over her cold. She seems to be feeling fine now...just a little residual nose drip.
We are working daily to teach her to sit on a chair and play or read quietly. This child of mine talks constantly. I do catch her playing silently on her own sometimes though. She will sometimes sit quietly for 2-4 mins during these quiet times. It seems like she did better with the first couple than she did today. I am trying to remember to do it at 10:00am each day, but I've been forgetting.

Emily is still very sweet and cute and cuddly and loves to nurse. Ya! She is up to 7 lbs 2 oz. She doesn't mind tummy time for a little while each day. Claire likes to lay down with her. I think she likes to watch Claire. I took a bunch of photos of them today.

Recipe ideas:
easy vegetarian dinner
2 cups mixed greens finely chopped (I used spinach, beet greens and Swiss chard.)
2T olive oil
one tomato diced
1 can black beans drained
1/2 c chutney or other sweet relish/sauce
hand full of raisins

Cook top 5 ingredients 7 mins. Add last two and heat thoroughly. Serve over cooked millet, soba noodles or rice.

Toddler tiny bites
Break Ryvita crackers into bite sized pieces and spread with refried beans or pumpkin puree. top with ground meat or leftover cooked veggies.

I tell Claire they are fancy hors d'oeuvres and she eats them all up.

I've been sneaking pureed spinach into her hamburgers and pumpkin or sweet potato into her refried beans.

Claire and I made some cinnamon dough ornaments today. We have a very small live tree this year. It doesn't have any decorations on it yet. We have been enjoying evening prayers and hymns with our advent wreath. Claire loves the candles. When we blow them out she asks to do it again. We have incorporated singing the Doxology into this time since she is so drawn to it.


Anonymous said...

Remember how exciting it was when Claire said her first words? Smile. Thanks for the recipe ideas! That will help us prepare for your visit. We stocked up on Oat Milk the other day. Papa and I are doing an advent wreath and prayers also, so it's nice to know Claire can participate. We will happily sing the "Creature" song as well. It's snowing gently today. Can't wait to cuddle Em and read to Claire, cook and bake together and sip hot cider by the fire. Love, Nanna

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a muy yummy dinner! (I shall be right down!) Well, you didn't hear from me because Kevin came home with some mutated virus and passed it on to me and EMmanuel and then Chelsea started sniffling, so I figured you didn't need that!! I'm so glad things have settled down in time for the holidays together. It sounds like what you are describing with Claire is similar to what I referred to as independent play skills....sort of. Chels was terrific in this arena; could read her books, and was happy to play with her little zoo and Little People, and dolls. As long as I was within eye shot, she was a happy camper. Again, once Alex began crawling, the phrase I heard most was, "MOMMY!! QUICK!!! He's coming!!!!!!!!!!!" ANd for the most part, I don't know if that's changed all that much... :) Well Emmanuel made some chicken soup, and I need to sample. Give my regards to your families and I'll see you when you return....hopefully healthy and rested. Merry Christmas, Jen. xoxo Linda