Friday, December 26, 2008


We are enjoying our time in Oklahoma.
Emily is up to 7.5 lbs. She is smiling a lot lately and laughed for the first time. She is a joy.
Claire enjoys pretend play more and more. Yesterday she was playing with a kitty shaped sugar and creamer and had lots of fun wrapping them in a blanket putting them to bed and talking to them and about them. "I have to wrap him up. Kitty is cold..."
Claire has gotten quite good at opening packages and even opened a few that weren't for her!

We are looking forward to seeing Claire interact with all her cousins on Sunday at the big family gathering.

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Anonymous said...

And everyone in Oklahoma enjoyed having time with the dear Hudson family!! Emily has such a contented sweetness, and is a joy to hold. She, like her big sis, seems to love people and has a ready smile. So happy for the opportunity to bond with the littlest one. Claire was very careful handling the kitty sugar and creamer that Aunt Jill gave me many years ago. Who would have thought one could have as much fun with a china sugar bowl, though. I think she'd been looking at it setting on the books on the hutch in the breakfast room and had created a story line for them in her imagination, so when she, at long last, got to actually handle them, they practically came to life. Smile. Love, Nanna