Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wed. news

We took Emily to the cardiologist today. He said she looks great and he doubts the VSD will ever give her any trouble. He suspects it will close on its own.

I took the car to PepBoys to have the battery replaced today. The car has had to be jumped twice lately. The girls and I took a walk to Ragazzi Room, which has sadly gone downhill after a change of ownership.

We left the house at 8:10 and returned at 2:10. I'm not used to being out that long. it was taxing even though everyone was well behaved (Except for the car).

Claire has come down with a cold. I didn't realize it until we were on the road this morning. She is mellower than usual and doesn't have much of an appetite and is stuffy nosed and sneezing. Hopefully she will get over it quickly. Please pray that Emily will remain healthy.

My shoulder and hip joints have been hurting recently.

I finished reading the Love and Logic Magic book. It has many really good ideas but leaves a lot of the details to applying their principles up to the parents. I suppose this is good since every family is unique. On the other hand I am clueless as to how to apply some of them with Claire.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Claire's cold. I hope she is feeling better today.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear the good report from Cardiology regarding Em's VSD!! Wow, you girls had a full day on the town. Nice to have a new reliable battery. Prayers for Claire's cold and Jen's achy joints. And prayers for wisdom in training up the children. Love & Hugs, Nanna

Anonymous said...

Hey YOU, SO glad you caught me the other day! Was nice to catch up a bit. Kevin got a fabulous job at Pasadena Valley Hunt Club, and Chelsea likes her job at The Granville. We just got back from watching Tillie in training. I am glad Em's heart is looking good. That's a relief. It may just work its magic. Sorry for Miss Claire's sniffles. Is she a honey and lemon drinker? Haven't heard of Love and Logic. I used old-fashioned common sense with logical consequences (yes, we had a time out space for unacceptable behavior...never used a timer, but a 5minute "ding" helps some kids). Both kids still say, "Mom's 'LOOK' was the scariest." Maybe you just have to develop The Look. :)
Chat soon. xoxoxo Linda