Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Claire has gotten her appetite back and has been eating a bit more than usual so I think she's putting on weight.
I got Emily to sleep in the Amby bed tonight for the first time in weeks. I started really early before she was cranky. Now she knows how to make it bounce so I just let her kick her legs and bounce herself for a while then I sneaked in and squatted where she couldn't see me and continued to bounce the bed till she quieted down completely and went to sleep. She has been sleeping ever since. I am so weary of the waking every 10-20 minutes from 6:30pm to 10pm routine. UGH! It has been nice not to have that battle tonight.

Emily and I still have a little residual cough. Mark has had a mild cold since Friday. Today he's feeling better.

Our house is in shambles after Mark bought two new shelves for the living room/dining room and we've been sick and all my evening free time was taken up by Emily's lack of sleep... It is overwhelming, I don;t even know where to start.

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