Friday, May 08, 2009

finally feeling better

We are all feeling better today. Claire is going on an outing to the museum with Linda today. She is very happy to be out and about again. We are all coughing a little bit still but all other symptoms seem to have subsided. Now Emily seems to be teething. She wants to be constantly chewing on something. She likes it when I massage her gums.

Claire slept all night long the past two nights. She put herself down for a morning nap the past three mornings. Each time I have put Emily down for a nap and hoped in bed myself to try to catch up on much-needed sleep. Emily's sleep last night started out on the same track as the previous night waking every 10-40 mins, until Mark put her to sleep in the Amby bed around 9 and she slept till 2. She didn't sleep much between 3 and 5 but then slept from 5-8.

I am so thankful to be feeling better.

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Nanna said...

So glad you are all feeling better!! Nanna is doing a mother-daughter tea at the Overholzer Mansion today. We'll take pics. Have a good weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful daughter-in-law, Jen!!!
Love to you all, Nanna