Saturday, May 30, 2009

A fun week

We had such a fun week with Mom and Martin. Claire hardly let Nanna out of her sight the whole week. I think Claire is her biggest fan! They played with dollies and changes their clothes and had doll tea party's with Claire's new tin tea set. They read lots and lots of books of course. We had fun doing gardening and appreciate of all the extra hands which made the work go quickly. Claire had fun helping put leaves in the greeen waste bin. Our front yard look fabulous! Emily loved sitting on Martin's lap and they had a good time entertain each other. Emily is becoming more and more communicative and likes to play little games like "I'll do a raspberry and smile and then you do it." I got to do a few small sewing and mending projects and go to the dentist to have a filling repaired and do a little shopping for Beth's baby.

Today we went on a day hike with people from church. It was beautiful and both girls were happy and really enjoyed being out in nature. We had to wade across a river 4 times (I was scared the first time but then got used to it and had fun with it.) and when we stopped for lunch Claire and Aidan went in the water just for fun. We are very tired but very blessed to be out in nature and bask in the wonder of God's creation. It sprinkled on us briefly a few times but was warm and sunny and breezy most of the day... perfect hiking weather. We hiked about 5 hours. It didn't seem long till about the last hour.


JB said...

Funny how being one with nature is such a pleasant high. I am glad you all had the opportunity to do something fun and relaxing.

The girls are going to miss Nanna and Martin. I am delighted that they each enjoyed each others company so much and that you got caught up on some things around the house.

Martin said...

Dear Ones, We had such a great week with you all!! We got home at 9 p.m. tonight, June 2. We made the trip in two days. We enjoyed our trip immensely. So wonderful to see all the grandchildren and many friends. Hope it will work out for you to make a trip out here soon Jen with your mom. So ready to crawl into my own bed tonight. Love and hugs to all. We miss the sweet girls, so darling. Love, Nanna