Saturday, October 24, 2009

chit chat

New picts on flickr tagged october09.
Mark and Claire are at the zoo today.
There were several things I thought about adding to the blog during the week but now I can't think of them...
Emily's new word is "happy". She has a dozen words in her vocabulary now and three signs. It is so fun to communicate with her and see her express herself. She recently started handing things to others. She is very interested in music and usually will bounce or dance a bit when it goes on or when someone sings. She has had a little cold the past couple days but it hasn't slowed her down at all. She will crawl all over the house now from one room to the next.

Went to the NICU follow-up on Wed with both girls. We had to wait for an hour before it was our turn. UGH!!!!!! Emily is healthy and on track with all her skills. She is gaining weight... now 14 lbs 14 oz. Her height is now ahead of her weight on the curve. Claire had a melt down after spending 2 hours there and then being told she couldn't touch the therapists toys. Poor girl.

Claire has been asking the same several questions over and over and over.
"Is my hair long enough for braids?" "is Daddy's hair long enough for braids"
"Am I big enough to go up kids stairs?" (the ones at California Science CEnter are for 4 and up and lead to a loft.)
"Are you a boy or a girl?"
"Where are Jesus' clothes?"
"Do you have kids?"
I've taken to asking her the question or answering her in Spanish.


Kathy said...

Drs. office waits are the worst! Sooo glad to hear that Emily is doing so well! She is blossoming into such a beautiful little lady!!

Is Daddy's hair long enough for braids?

Unknown said...

Mark has a military cut at the moment.

Nanna said...

Greetings from Bowling Green, Kentucky! We are heading homeward. Today, friends in Tenn. and then dominoes with Aunt Lo in Ark. tonight. Home tomorrow. Good to hear from you all and we love the new pics!!! Emily and Claire look so beautiful, I wish I could reach out and give them hugs and kisses. Please do it for me. Love & Prayers, Nanna P.S. Claire, your hair is soft and lovely, but not quite long enough for braids. I hope Emily will have pretty curls like her big sister.