Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Emily has figured out how to do a little "cruising" (walking along a piece of furniture.)
Yesterday she learned to say "Hi". We went to playgroup yesterday and she said Hi to several moms. She really loves being around lots of people. She also loves playing in the sand. She also enjoys transferring items from one location to another.

Claire played with the other kids her age at playgroup for the first time yesterday. Hurray!
I tried to upload photos to flickr recently with no luck. I'll try again soon.


JB said...

Your father is lobbying for a movie of Emily crawling and or cruising. I told him he could see her in action Thursday. Emily's looks have changed so much since we saw her in August. Thanks for posting photos.

Nanna said...

Since we can't be there Thursday, I'd like to lobby for a video of Em cruising. Thanks for the new pics!! You all look so good! Glad Claire is enjoying playing with the other kids. Such dear sweet girls! Thank you all for giving us so much joy! Love & Prayers, Nanna

Nikki said...

What a cutie!