Wednesday, October 07, 2009

pre-school violence

Yesterday Claire witnessed two girls hitting and kicking each other and today she got whacked in the head by a younger boy at the park. She cried and cried. She was in shock because she only touched his shoe and he hit her in the head 3 times. I hope she doesn't start lashing out at others after this. It has been a while since she has has anyone intentionally hurt her and last time she did respond by copying the behavior.


Martin said...

I'm so sorry Claire had a bad experience at the park. She's so friendly to other kids and they usually really like to play with her. It must have been quite a shock and very sad for her to be treated badly by the little boy. Maybe part of the healing could be to pray for the little boy. It's a sad thought that he might have bad examples in his home. We really are enjoying looking at the new pics again! It's raining cats and dogs in Oklahoma today. There was a lull in the rain, and we drove over to the park for our walk but had to cut it short. Time for a hot cuppa! Love & prayers, Nanna

Ma Torg said...

Oh My! I can't believe that! Poor Claire.

Nikki said...

:( That must be one of the least fun parts of parenting... your child will learn that the world is cruel sometimes whether or not you want them to. It would be so nice to be able to keep moments like this from happening.

That picture, however, is adorable!