Friday, March 26, 2010


Jen: What do you like to pretend?
Claire: I like to pretend that my name is Charlie. (pause) Tell me a story about Charlie when he was a little boy.
Jen: Charlie liked to swim. He loved to dive to the bottom of the pond with no goggles to look for smooth stones. He would grab them and take them to shore and skip them across the pond.
Claire: Tell me the story about Charlie and the wolf.

Yesterday Emily said, "This is Mama's book." and, "That is my shoe." It is so fun and amazing to observe a child acquiring language.


JB said...

Your Grandpa Bowers would have been so pleased to hear about your girls' development. At one point, I think he taught "Child Growth and Development" at Upland College. It seems like the development just keeps proceeding at an every increasing pace. I am glad you are keeping a record of the changes and sharing it with us.

Nanna said...

We too appreciate all the updates on the girls progress. What a delight they both are. Love and hugs to the Hudson Four!! Love, Nanna