Monday, March 15, 2010

pretend play

Emily was just rocking her dolly in our extra infant car seat and singing part of Row Row row your boat to her after she covered her with a little blanket.

A bit ago she has fun trying on my sandal and clomping around. Yesterday she held my cell phone to her ear and said,
"hello, hello."

Emily had also discovered the joys of pockets...when she runs out of room in her pocket she stuffs her onesie full of interesting objects...magnet letters, blocks etc.


Nanna said...

We love hearing about Emily's learning/playing/working/ imagining activities. Such a busy healthy growing little girl. What joys of discovery. "Spring has Sprung", the message on Claire's bright little sun dress, is so perfect. Thank you for reminding us of sunshine and springtime with your pretty dresses in the garden. Hugs to all! Nanna

Jen said...

What a cutie she is!

JB said...

Grandma asked me to deliver the following message: she is so pleased that you choose the name of Emily. Her favorite Aunt's name was Emily and she gave Jan the middle name of Emily because she liked the name so much.

It is so exciting to hear of Emily's developments.

Love, Nanu