Thursday, March 18, 2010

We have had to change our rain gear for swim wear this week. I moved the inflateable pool outside and filled it with water after seeing that yesterday would turn into the third 80-90 degree day in a row. The girls had a blast splashing around yesterday. They had their swim shirts on and sunscreen but Claire got a little pink on her arm and it became itchy. After spending some time in the shade eating popsicles playing in the sand box and the bean box the pool was in shade and the went back to splashing. We finished up with an oatmeal bath and early to bed.

Today Claire is at the zoo with Linda. I took a nap when Emily napped. Then I got a few chores done. When Emily awoke, we dressed a bunch of dollies and stuffed toys. Right now she is collecting small items from various rooms and putting them into a Christmasy gift bag.

I am trying to teach Emily how to sit quietly and how to whisper. I wish I had started this sooner. Church has suddenly become increasingly difficult. Emily wants to be constantly talking and/or moving. Claire thinks she can be noisy because Emily is noisy. I think Mark and I are going to try the divide and conquer technique. Each of us sits with one of them in separate pews. Any other tips?


Nanna said...

We loved hearing about your fun in the sun. It's been nice here today, sunny and in the 60's, but 38 this morning. Spring is here and our Daffodils are blooming and the tulips are getting taller, but no buds yet. Our Cecil Brunner climbing rose, in its second year is filled with new little leaves and continues to climb up the back of the play house. Is Claire old enough to consider setting a good example for her little sister in Church? Maybe that would bridge the gap. We'll pray and are thanking God for your purposeful spiritual training of the little ones. Grammy is nicely settled in at Aunt Pegs and is very well cared for. Even Maddie is a comfort and seems aware of it. Love & Hugs, Nanna

Linda said...

I agree with Nanna about asking/teaching Claire how to be a "good role model" and show Emily how to behave in church. Are there other kids that are in Claire's age bracket that are quiet as churchmice? Is there child care??? HAPPY to hear you are coming to the PARTY!!!!!!!! Chelsea has been planning for weeks. She wants to know what fruit/finger foods Claire is allergic to. She will probably call you. I like the water and sandbox day, too! I have been busy. Lots of interviews...nothing definite yet. A new commission with the CLAY. Went to a job fair today and also glazed at the studio, and then went to see Schifrin play in a heavy metal band. Crazy. I didn't listen to that even when I should've been!! Wild. BUT, fun. Lots of old horse stable buddies (Willow went with me). See you SOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!! xoxoxo Miss you girls!!