Monday, May 17, 2010


Emily is fascinated with feeding everyone... she feeds her stuffed animals, dollies, parents, sister, and grandparents. This morning she was feeding her dolly using a preemie bottle. She is also teaching her dollies how to play the guitar. Another current interest is dancing. Anytime we hear music she will stop and dance even if its me tapping on a table and humming. Saturday she was pushing Claire in the stroller (all the way home from the pocket park) and had to stop and dance when she heard music coming from the rental hall we were passing.

The girls and I had a great time in Arizona while Mark was doing marksmanship training. My mom got me a book called The Artistic Mother: A practical Guide for fitting Creativity into your Life. I am inspired to do the 12 week workshop that the book suggests and had time to shop for all the supplies while I was in AZ. I also did some other preparations gessoed and painted some backgrounds to use in collages and other projects, tried out some new rubber stamps and did some rubbings and resists. Claire had fun with this last project too. Emily painted a beautiful watercolor which I have yet to photograph. I hope to keep you all posted with my progress through the workshop. The three areas covered in the book are poetry, photography and mixed media (collage). One thing she suggests is reading poetry each day to inspire. I have been enjoying this aspect a lot. I also had a chance to take a bunch of pictures of the girls and print them.


JB said...

We enjoyed your visit so much and are continually amazed by the girls' growth and development each time we are together.

Nanna said...

I'm so glad you had a great visit with you wonderful family. The new book sounds very inspiring!! I will look forward to hearing about your progress. I'm so glad Emily loves to dance since that's how her mommy & daddy met! Hugs & Kisses & Prayers to all, Nanna

Linda said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for Creativity back in JEN'S LIFE!!!!!!!! Yippie yi yay ki YO!!!