Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Thankfully my foot is feeling much better. I still feel the occasional twinge but nothing worrisome.

We are starting a button collection for math games, sewing and craft projects if you have any buttons of any size shape and color you want to part with we would love to add some buttons from your co0llection to ours. Thanks

We also need some small and large matchboxes to make doll house furniture if any one wants to send some our way Claire will be extatic.


Nanna said...

I've got lots of buttons and would be glad to share. I'll get them in the mail asap. Love, Nanna

Unknown said...

thanks. We started making furnishings for the doll house today. It really captured Emily's imagination. She was sticking all kinds on things together with pipe cleaners and modeling clay and covering the house with fabric to protect it from the rain. (It was raining outside at the time.)

JB said...

What a fun project!!